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Derek Daly is a versatile sports figure having competed for 17 years at the highest levels of motor sports - Formula One & Indycar. In 1980, when driving for the Tyrrell Formula One team, he was ranked 10th in the world. He then became an award winning television broadcaster for more than two decades. He was almost killed in 1984 and wrote a best selling book, Race to Win in 2007.

He is a powerful motivational speaker, a Dad and a world traveler.



WINNER-Derek Daly Challenge Cup

presented to winner Eloise Peabody-Rolf by Barry 'Whizzi' Williams at the Under 17 Car Club in England


Read Derek's fascinating story about the need for American Hero's in Indycar...Click here



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Derek Daly David Letterman Indy 2015


Derek shares a laugh with Indy 500 champion, Takuma Sato


Blast from the past video:

- Derek led his first ever Formula One race...watch

- Derek almost won in Monaco F1 1982...watch


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